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Stop Harry Reid From Using The Nuclear Option!

Senate Majority Leader Reid plans to make radical changes to the long-standing rules of the United States Senate. Right now, the rules require 60 senators to agree before the Senate may move forward on most legislation or nominations. Sen. Reid has said he intends to change the rules to require only 51 votes to move forward.

We need greater consensus in Washington, not less. Sen. Reid's plan-known as the "nuclear option"-will increase partisanship and open the door to extreme, controversial and damaging laws like "card check," and nominees with radical agendas.

In fact, Sen. Reid wants to change the rules so he can place controversial nominees on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) who intend to impose card check like proposals through regulation. Several courts already have ruled that the prior appointments of two of these nominees, Sharon Block and Richard Griffin, are unconstitutional. The other nominee, Mark Pearce, spent his prior term on the Board pushing through radical proposals, including two different rules that have been rejected in one form or another by six different federal courts. If Sen. Reid gets his way, they will need only 51 votes to fill the vacancies on the NLRB with appointees who will enact backdoor card check through regulation.

More About the Issue

As Senator Grassley said on his 7/9/13 floor speech, “There is no crisis in the manner in which we are confirming nominees.  This is all part of a larger strategy to justify breaking the rules of the United States Senate to change the rules of the United States Senate.”

  • The Senate has confirmed 99% of the lower court nominees considered on the Senate floor, sent to the Senate by President Obama – only 2/201 have not been confirmed.
  • In the 112th Congress the Senate confirmed more judges than any Congress since the 103rd (1993-1994).
  • In just 7 months this Senate has confirmed more judges (28) than in the entire first year of President Bush’s second term. In fact, this year’s appointees already almost triple the amount at this point in 2005 (28-10).
  • Currently, only three judges remain on the Executive Calendar. In the summer of 2005 (Bush’s second term) there were 30 judicial nominations waiting to be confirmed.
  • The illusion of obstructionism is a ploy to abuse and rewrite the rules of the Senate.

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Stop Harry Reid From Using The Nuclear Option!